The dream (continued)

He was in another place and another time, and saw another man. A righteous man. This man was the richest person in that entire region. His flocks of sheep, camels, donkeys and oxen was in the thousands with hundreds of servants to mind them. He had seven sons and three daughters.

In the dream, this man was seated in his house while his sons and daughters were feasting at the oldest brother’s house, a regular practice in this home. Suddenly, a messenger came running with devastating news. Before the messenger was done speaking another came and then another and one more. After the forth message the old man stood up and tore his clothes in what looked like extreme grief. Then he saw him lift up his hands in worship. Everything had happened in rapid succession but he understood from the dream that, in that short span of time, the rich man had lost all animals and all his children.

The man’s reaction was imprinted in his mind like a hot iron searing into flesh.

This part of the dream ended at this point then picked up with another scene happening days later (dreams can be easy to decipher). He saw the once rich man again. This time he was seated in ash. His body was covered with ugly leaking sores from head to toe. The man, apparently in a lot of pain was scraping his skin with a broken pottery.

He was alone.

He woke up terrified and in a lot of pain. He didn’t want to be alone. He didn’t want to sit in dirt. His wound will be infected. He breathed a sigh of relief. He was still in the pristine army facility. He was surprised to see his brother in law still in the room. The dream had spanned ages.

“I know how the dream ends.” He told him and not waiting for a response or reaction he turned his face towards the ceiling as if addressing God and said,” Whatever my lot, it is well.”

Later in the day, he requested for an audio of the book of Job. As he listened to the conversation between Job and his three friends, he was amazed at how wisely his brother — in — law had led him through decision making at that critical hour by his calm reaction. He didn’t castigate him for crying, nor tried to give him examples of those who had gone through worse circumstances. He let him be.

More information to the already frazzled mind would have broken him. Other peoples’ experiences would have forced his mind to think, to compare his predicament to others, to seek to understand from the human perspective and to question the divine. A feat he couldn’t at that moment.

But now his redeemer had reached down into his desperate situation in a way that wouldn’t injure his broken spirit. For a bruised reed he will not break. He knows our frame. He is mindful that we are but dust.

And so started the journey to healing. The hopes that had gone quiet started to awaken. The frazzled mind received a new burst of strength and started planning. Not too quickly but at least some plans started taking shape. He set some goals. He called his wife and daughter and said,” I’m coming home, we can and will ride the storm. I know how the dream will end; for my redeemer lives!”

Excerpts from a real life experience and the living word.



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Anne Kawumi

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