The Gift

Our sixth child turned six on the sixth day of the week. And there were six of them to cut the cake. Hmmm!!

We celebrated her birthday with her school mates the best we could. On Sunday evening I asked her how her birthday went. She said it was great and went on to name the people who had bought her gifts and those who hadn’t. When she mentioned her daddy, I was surprised and cut her short.

“Daddy too?” I asked. “Yeah!” she responded with emphasis of one who knows what she is talking about.” What about the red dress he bought yesterday?” I enquired further. “That’s not a gift!” She countered. “And why not?” I asked. “Because I saw it”. “Saw it? What do you mean you saw it?” “A gift is supposed to be wrapped.” She answered. The previous night she had gone shopping with her dad who asked her to pick a dress. Un beknown to him it wasn’t counted as a gift because it wasn’t presented ‘like a gift’.

I made a mental note of how I’m going to stay on the safe side in future. Meanwhile I braced for the showdown. Unfortunately, it didn’t take place. My thinking is, she forgot. I will remind her to ask for it because, well, gifts should come the ‘right’ way.

The Jews who were awaiting a Messiah! He came and lived among them, went to their schools(Hmmm! imagine being in the same school with God! with no social distancing!), attended their weddings and funerals, visited them in their homes and ate with them. Unfortunately, they missed Him because He didn’t come ‘wrapped’ as a Messiah, King or redeemer. They ‘saw’ Him. On one occasion they said,’ Isn’t this the carpenter’s son? is not His mother called Mary and His brethren James and Joses and Simon and Judas?

While I may justify my daughter’s way of expecting, and probably castigate the Jews for ignoring the obvious signs, I’m reminded that we treat God’s blessings the same way. We fail to see His blessings just because they didn’t or weren’t presented in a specific way.

David in the Psalms writes “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation!”. I must confess that many times I don’t see the benefits. So, is the Bible wrong? Certainly not! Indeed! Let God be true but every man a liar. For God is not man to lie nor son of man to repent. His word is infallible. He daily loads us with benefits but just like my daughter, we don’t acknowledge them because we expect or want them to come wrapped in a particular way. Life, health, friends’ relations even jobs are gifts that we ‘see.’

The father of a quadriplegic had this to say, “Be aware of the miracles that are happening and don’t concern yourself with the miracles that are not happening. Don’t wait for the wrapped gifts. Day and night are gifts. Appetite is a gift. Friends are gifts. The gifts are where you are, unwrapped. Just look a little closer.

Remember no one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side.



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Anne Kawumi

Anne Kawumi

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